Bomanite Color Hardener

Bomanite Color Hardener is a dry-shake material for coloring and hardening concrete flatwork, and is specially formulated for use in the installation of Bomanite and Bomacron cast-in-place colored, textured and imprinted concrete paving and flooring. Bomanite Color Hardener is a blend of three principal ingredients: mineral oxide pigments, cement and graded silica aggregates. Special conditioning admixtures are also included to improve workability. Bomanite Color Hardener is used in residential, commercial and municipal applications. Two grades of Color Hardener are available:

Regular Grade: This grade is recommended for all applications except areas subject to exceptionally heavy pedestrian traffic or heavy road traffic in freeze areas. Appropriate areas include residential driveways, patios, pool decks, entryways, walkways, showroom floors, lobbies and medians.

Heavy Duty Grade: This grade includes specially graded Emery (aluminum oxide) to increase wear resistance. It is normally recommended for installations that are expected to receive exceptionally heavy wear, including vehicular entrances, theme parks, plazas, crosswalks, street sections and high-traffic sidewalks.

Bomanite Color Hardener is the most effective coloring method to achieve your desired results in the installation of Bomanite and Bomacron. This method can also be utilized for other specified colored concrete applications including salt finishes, broom finishes and rotary finishes. A greater variety and intensity of colors are available by using this coloring method. Color hardener can be formulated to create a wide variety of hues from soft pastels to vivid blues and purples, which is difficult to achieve with other coloring methods. Bomanite Color Hardener also improves imprinting, while providing increased durability, wear resistance and fade resistance. Bomanite Color Hardener is applied by specially licensed, trained and equipped Bomanite licensees.



Coverage Guidelines:

  • Dark Colors – 0.6 pound per sq. ft. minimum/2.9 kg. per sq. m.
  • Medium Colors – 0.7-0.8 pound per sq. ft. minimum/3.4-3.9 kg. per sq. m.
  • Light Colors – 0.9-1.0 pound per sq. ft. minimum/4.4-4.9 kg. per sq. m.


  • Moisture-Resistant Bag – 60 pounds/27.2 kilograms



  • 25 standard
  • See Bomanite Color Selection Guide
  • Custom colors available (minimum 1,000 sq. ft.)
  • Resistance to UV Light – Excellent
  • Resistance to Abrasion – Excellent

Suggested Sealers:

  • Bomaseal I-18
  • Bomaseal VOC
  • Bomanite Aquaseal
  • Bomanite Hydroseal
  • Bomanite Interior Floor Seal
  • Bomanite Cure & Seal (for use on untextured concrete only)


All Bomanite/Bomacron installations should be regularly maintained by a licensed Bomanite contractor in order to maintain a top quality appearance. Every 18 to 36 months, installations should be inspected by your local Bomanite contractor and cleaned and resealed as required by volume and intensity of traffic. Contact your local Bomanite contractor for the proper maintenance program in your area, as the need for maintenance will vary depending on a number of factors including traffic conditions, geographical location and weather.


May be used on vertical faces of step risers, curbs, etc., but not practical for use on large areas of vertical surfaces. Do not use with concrete mixes containing calcium chloride.


Contains Portland Cement and free silica. Do not take internally. Keep out of the reach of children. See Material Safety Data Sheet for complete information.

Available Sales Aids:

  • Bomanite Color Hardener Display Board
  • Bomanite Color Hardener Chips
  • Bomanite Color Hardener/Release Agent Color Chart
  • Contact your local Bomanite licensee to request Bomanite Color Hardener sales aids to assist you in the design process.

Important Note: This specification supercedes all Bomanite Color Hardener specifications prior to January 1, 1996.


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