QC Cemguard

QC Cemguard: Product Information Bulletin 12.199

QC CEMGUARD, a proprietary, hydrolyzed, lithium quartz compound, is a penetrating water-based sealer designed to provide waterproofing protection and increase abrasion resistance while hardening and stabilizing a surface that might otherwise be “dusty” or soft. QC CEMGUARD may be used on colored or natural concrete, brick, plaster, porous limestone, Mexican tile and gypsum products. The appearance of the surface is unaffected and there is no film or coating to be worn away.

QC CEMGUARD creates a permanent, breathable, insoluble surface that can be used as a moisture protection agent prior to installation of topical applications or as a final coating. QC CEMGUARD works by penetrating and reacting with mineral compounds and/or ciliceous materials to create a cementing/gluing effect. This waterproofs, hardens and eliminates most types of efflorescence. QC CEMGUARD is an excellent pretreatment for reducing the tendency of acrylic sealers to fog or peel as a result of sub-surface moisture problems.

Features and Benefits:

  • Permanent Surface – No Re-Treating Needed
  • Increases Abrasion Resistance
  • Serves as a Waterproofing Agent
  • Protects Against Oil, Food and Chemical Stains
  • Cannot be Chemically or Physically Removed
  • Creates a Hardened Surface
  • No Mixing Required
  • Nontoxic

Directions for Use:

Protect any adjoining areas (windows, doors and fixtures, etc.) from overspray. If allowed to dry on metal or ceramic surfaces, steel wool may be used for removal. QC CEMGUARD will not corrode or damage these materials. Whenever possible, QC CEMGUARD should be applied from start to finish of each project. If the application must be interrupted, clearly mark the ending point and begin from there when work is resumed. Using a pump-up sprayer or airless sprayer, apply light, uniform coats of QC CEMGUARD. Aply consecutive coats as soon as the surface is dry to the touch. Normally 3 light coats are needed on trowel finished concrete. When used in conjunction with QC PATINA STAIN, QC CEMGUARD must be used prior to staining. Application of QC CEMGUARD over QC PATINA STAIN will result in a reaction leaving a white, chalky residue.

Helpful Hints:

  • Test a small area to determine suitability and coverage rates.
  • Do not apply more material than the surface will readily absorb.
  • Do not use paint rollers.
  • Each successive coat will dry slower than the previous coat.
  • Do not allow the material to puddle or run. If this occurs, wipe with damp mop or clean rag.
  • If a white, scaly residue is visible on the surface, you have over applied QC CEMGUARD. This must be removed prior to any topping application.

General Information:


  • 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers


  • Do not allow to freeze

Coverage Rates

QC CEMGUARD is a true penetrating sealer. As such, coverage rates may fluctuate dramatically depending on the porosity of the surface. Very porous surfaces, such as porous brick and saltillo tiles, will yield a lower coverage rate. Coverage will range between 75 – 200 square feet per gallon depending on the number of coats required. Three light coats will yield approximately 200 square feet per gallon on normal concrete.


QC CEMGUARD will not seal structural cracks, voids or holes in concrete. Do not apply QC CEMGUARD over existing sealers, curing agents, oils, paints or similar materials. Those types of materials must be removed.


  • QC CEMGUARD should not be applied over QC PATINA STAIN. It must be used prior to staining.
  • QC CEMGUARD should not be applied to surfaces below 40°F or above 100°F.
  • QC CEMGUARD can adhere to glazed materials such as metals, glass and ceramic tile.
  • Excess QC CEMGUARD left to dry on the surface may result in a white, scaly or glossy residue that can be difficult to remove and prevent bonding of other materials. Excess QC CEMGUARD will also prevent bonding of materials applied over it.

QC CEMGUARD is warranted to be of uniform quality within manufacturing tolerances. Since control is not exercised over its use, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to the effects of such use. Seller’s and manufacturer’s obligation under this warranty shall be limited to refunding the purchase price of that portion of the material proven to be defective.


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