Specification For Bomanite Architectural Patene Artectura Colored Concrete Paving

SECTION 03350: BOMANITE IMPRINTED Patene Artectura CONCRETE shall be installed by Bay Area Concretes, Inc. The Contractor for Bomanite imprinted Patene Artectura concrete paving shall provide conclusive proof that he is qualified to and has previously produced Bomanite imprinted Patene Artectura paving over a period of no less than 15 years, and can comply with the provisions specified herein and shown on the plans. Proof shall be in three high quality installations, similar in scope to that specified herein, and located within a 150-mile radius of the City of installation. Evidence that the Contractor is qualified to comply with the requirements specified herein shall be submitted to and be subject to the approval of the Owner, the Architect of record.

Bomanite textured paving pattern shall be: 1. BOMACRON Slate Texture

The work scope provided by Bay Area Concretes, Inc., the decorative architectural concrete Bomanite Licensed contractor, shall include ALL of the following:

  1. Materials: Fiber-reinforced concrete, Bomanite or QC Color Hardener(s), #3 steel rebar reinforcement, forms, Patene Stains, Sealers, and curing paper.
  2. Provide special BOMANITE Slate Texture tools & Expertise to install.
  3. Place fiber-reinforced concrete.
  4. Place Bomanite SAND or QC Moroccan Buff (equivalent) color hardener(s).
  5. Apply BOMANITE imprinting tools to the plastic concrete surface set.
  6. Apply and Employ special curing technique utilizing breathable curing paper.
  7. Apply the Bomanite Con-Shield or QC CemGuard penetrating sealer to rejection, upon the architectural concrete slab a minimum of 28 days after placement. Apply Patene Artectura concrete Stains a minimum of 28 Days after concrete placement. Utilize the Four (4) Colors Listed Below.
  8. Apply final sealers a minimum of 28 Days after concrete placement, with two coats acrylic QC VOC II Solvent based Sealers. Possible need for sacrificial water based acrylic sealers to be determined in the field.

Concrete shall have a minimum compressive strength of 3000 psi. Portland cement shall conform to ASTM C 150, Type I, II, or IV. Aggregate shall conform to ASTM C33 and shall be 3/8-inch +/-. Aggregate size of 3/4 inch is permissible and recommended in some applications (i.e. Slab on Grade paving, vehicular paving, etc.). Mix water shall be fresh, clean and potable. Fibermesh or QC “stealth” fibers must be present in the mix. An air-entraining agent conforming with ASTM C260 and/or a normal set or retarded-set water reducing admixture conforming with ASTM C 494 may be used. Calcium chloride shall not be permitted in the mix.

Concrete shall be: 4” thickness minimum.

Reinforcement shall be:

  1. Fibermesh MonoFilament “stealth” fibers, in the all concrete mix designs.
  2. #3 Steel Rebar reinforcing placed @ 16” on center each way – minimum.

Color shall be ready-to-use, dry-shake Bomanite or QC Construction Products color hardener and shall use streak-free integrations of pigments, surface conditioning and dispersing agents, and portland cement, blended with hard graded aggregate as manufactured by the Bomanite Corporation, Madera, Ca. or QC Construction Products.

Color(s) shall be: 1.) BOMANITE Sand or QC Moroccan Buff

Concrete Stain Colors: QC Construction Products: 1. Buckwheat, 2. Bluegrass,
3. Ember, 4. Adobe

These Patene Artectura Stains shall be applied in the appropriate dilutions required to match, as closely as possible, the control samples, available from the Architect & Bay Area Concretes, Inc.

Bay Area Concretes’ Bomanite trained installers shall utilize a breathable Curing technique that employs breathable tape @ curing paper edges and a non-staining concrete curing paper. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall a Liquid Curing Membrane be used. Actual Water Based Curing for several days after concrete placement is recommended.

Installation shall be as follows:

  1. The fiber-reinforced concrete mix shall be placed, screeded to the proper grade and wood floated to a uniform surface in the normal manner.
  2. Color Hardener(s) shall be applied evenly to the plastic surface by the dry-shake
    method at the rate of 60 pounds per 100 square feet. It shall be applied in two shakes, wood floated after each, and troweled after the final floating.
  3. While concrete is still in the plastic stage of set – Bomanite Slate Texture imprinting tools shall be applied to the surface.
  4. Curing technique shall be applied.
  5. Light abrasive disc surface finish technique shall be employed prior to the penetrating sealer and stain/sealer application phase.
  6. Patene Artectura concrete stains shall be applied in the four color tones per trained Bomanite contractor standards.
  7. Final Sealers shall be applied.

Bomanite decorative concrete paving shall absolutely (NO EXCEPTIONS) be installed per standards and specification of Bomanite Corporation and in accordance with Bay Area Concretes Inc., 4179 Business Center Drive, Fremont, California 94538. License #242104. Phone (510) 651-6020. Michael Price – www.bayareaconcretes.com


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