Specification: Vertical Concrete Wall Face Stain/Die

SECTION 03380: PATENE ARTECTURA STAINED CONCRETE: The Contractor for color stained PATENE ARTECTURA concrete paving shall provide conclusive proof that he is qualified to and has previously produced vertical color stained paving and can comply with the provisions specified herein and shown on the plans. Proof shall be in three high quality installations, similar in scope to that specified herein, and located within a 50 mile radius of the City. Evidence that the Contractor is qualified to comply with the requirements specified herein shall be submitted to and be subject to the approval of the Architect.

Concrete surface finish shall be: Gray Concrete with a light “whip” sandblasted finish

Concrete Stain Colors: QC or Bomanite T.B.D.

The work provided by the contractor shall include:

  1. Materials: Stains, Sealers
  2. Prepare existing vertical slab area to be stained
  3. Apply Stains
  4. Apply Acrylic Sealers

Concrete to be stained shall have a minimum compressive strength of 3000 psi. Portland cement shall have conformed to ASTM C 150, Type I, II, or IV. Aggregate shall have conformed to ASTM C33 and shall have been minus 3/4 inch. Aggregate size of 3/4 inch or larger is permissible in some applications. Mix water shall have been fresh, clean, and potable. An air-entraining agent conforming to ASTM C260 and/or a normal set or retarded-set water reducing admixture conforming to ASTM C 494 may have been used. Calcium chloride shall not have been permitted in the mix.

Curing method employed should have been breathable curing paper. No liquid curing compounds should ever be used. If liquid cures have been used, stain coloration traits will become more unpredictable. Concrete wall “sack & patch” areas usually render a color variance.

Installation shall be as follows:

  1. The concrete surface shall be lightly sandblasted.
  2. The various stain colors shall be applied to the concrete surface.
  3. The stained concrete surface shall be sealed.

Architectural colored and stained concrete paving to be installed per standards and specification of Bay Area Concretes Inc., 4179 Business Center Drive, Fremont, California 94538, License #242104. Phone (510) 651-6020. Web Site: www.bayareaconcretes.com Michael Price (Architectural Rep.)


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